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Monday, May 19, 2008

malaysiakini sounds like MSM with heading "Mahathir Quits UMNO"

That captured the headlines for all media and shows that TDM is still a very active player.
Too bad his puppet on a string has cut the ropes and now we are seeing all the elements of the great Malaysian sandiwara but this time, the stakes have been notched up a little.

So what should we do? We all know that the BN component parties have been gutted after the March elections as Malaysians gave them a big slap in the face for the many years of abusive treatment.

It is a little sad that even after the great brush off many of the BN parties continue in their denial that the 40-year long party has ended and are still trying to put Humpty Dumpty back on the wall.

To me, all the UMNO ministers quitting the party should not matter much to Malaysia. It will give all Malaysians a good opportunity to start with fresh, dynamic leaders who are not tainted by the past.

One possible scenario with a major UMNO walkout would be for AAB to form a government of national unity with the remaining MPs. Highly improbable but in politics anything is possible and I suggest such a Plan B should be considered seriously now.


novice101 said...

Could this be another devious, calculative move by a devious mind?
Could mahathir do this as a pre-emptive move? Could he have got wind of AAB wanting to take him to court on the Lingam’s tapes affair? He is doing this as a distraction and to dis-stabilise the government so that he can get off scot-free

Trashed said...

UMNO must be a poisoned chalice for its leaders.

Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Hussein Onn quit because of Tun Dr M and now he quits because of AAB. Of course, Tun Razak did not quit as he died in office.

Tun Dr M is allowing his personal issues tear apart UMNO but he is one of the shrewdest persons around, so I am sure there will be something else on the horizon. However, I think he is succeeding in splitting the Malays.