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Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Really Hard to Change One's Life-style.......

There is an interesting feature in malaysiakini headed

"M'sian missions going 'overboard' for VIP wives?"

One aspect of this story that is highlighted is that the embassy in London was able to respond by fax within a few hours.

I wonder if the ambassador had to be awakened from his sleep as London is behind Malaysia by a few hours? We have heard of a few stories where even the phone is not answered properly when Malaysians abroad try to call for assistance.

One method I would suggest for all embassy staff to do is to record daily time sheets where the working day and all official duties are recorded in 30-minute segments.
If anything it will definitely improve the efficiency of the embassies and avoid such frivolous claims?

There would be a definite record of such unofficial assistance to those who are struggling to change their life-style.

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