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Friday, May 16, 2008

Headlines from malaysiakini : "Commission: Act against Dr M, 5 others"

All Malaysians should welcome the news that the Lingam Inquiry Report will be made available to the public.

This will be a major step to reviving the good name of the Judiciary.
However the price of RM542 per copy is rather steep and I suggest the authorities should allow third-party printers to make a cheaper version at less than RM100 each as I am sure many ordinary citizens will buy a copy of this historical report.


novice101 said...

The government and Patail have to act on the recommedations of the Commission, they have to prosecute against Mahathir and his band of dirty crooks! Let the people support the Commission's recommendations by declaring our desire in the blogsphere and the main media. Let work for it!

shankar~selina said...


There is something called the internet. It is free. Use it.