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Thursday, June 12, 2008

How the NATIONAL SERVICE Scheme Got Started?

So maybe this is how the NS got started. Recalcitrant judges were sent to "boot camp" and the government found it an most effective method to produce compliant judges.

As the Law Minister indicates in this malaysiakini story:
"Zaid: No probe on judge's expose"
they know all about it but cannot or will not take action as it is a "waste of public funds".

We are urged to wait for the Judiciary Commission to be set up and who knows when that will be accomplished. Maybe by 2020?

Police reports have been made and the Lingam Report is warming the filing cabinet somewhere. This indecent inaction to proceed post haste indicates the authorities really have lost the plot.
Repairing the Judiciary's image and authority is definitely one important plank we need to fix if Malaysia is not to lose the battle against corruption.

Do all those "tainted judges" have to strip naked in public before there is any action?

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