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Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Time for rich to do 'national service'"?

malaysiakini has done a sterling job to encourage Malaysians to ponder and contribute ideas towards making this nation a better place but I find the letter with the above heading somewhat misleading.

Normally I would not comment on such letters but a few points need some rebuttal.

There is a suggestion that just because one is rich, the person must donate back to society. What about those who did not receive any crony deals but slogged and became wealthy by means of his own blood, sweat and tears and great financial discipline?

If government leaders became filthy rich with questionable deals that basically robbed from the citizens, they should be investigated and not placed on such pedestals that if they donated back to society as a form of national service, to quote the letter:

"They can begin this patriotic spirit by first selling off all the extra fleet of gleaming cars in their garages, the excessive plots of land and the many bungalows they or their proxies own".

The writer then suggests:

"It will certainly make every citizen fall on their knees in full homage to our exemplary leaders."

Utter balderdash! This is what happens when citizens are brainwashed into not being able to discern right from wrong - just like how judges were forced to attend "boot camps" to change their independent views with respect to the law.

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