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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Maybe We Shouldn't be Too Harsh on our Immigration Officials?

malaysiakini has this story headed:
"Gov't to launch massive ops against illegals in Sabah"

Sabah has long been affected by the influx of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants so much so that the locals reckon they have been outnumbered as some of these have managed to get proper ICs.

Suddenly after the SAPP upset, the authorities are once again embarking on a massive drive to weed out the illegals and deport them.

It seems that our borders with Indonesia and the Philippines are rather porous and hundreds can easily sneak into Malaysia. Don't forget that the Philippines has a stake to Sabah - maybe we may yet have to refer this to the ICJ sometime.

But this ops provides a good photo shoot for the defense agencies in terms of protecting national security - maybe a few million ringgit will be allocated here since the PORR and monoril have been deferred.

Unless the authorities do more to conduct continuous actions against illegals, it remains just that - more a glorified PR exercise than a sustained drive.

OK need to let up a little on our immigration people as many of them do a good job at our checkpoints - in JB many Malaysians can leave the country by just waving our passports as the idea is that the Singapore side will get you if you don't have the proper papers.

Not anymore. Did you read this story?
"Dad flies off using son's passport"

Now that's a case of getting egg on your face! No wonder there is this joke about the escapee, Mas Selamat. Singaporeans will tell you as a joke - "he must be in Malaysia. See the many signs with "Selamat Datang"!
Graphics: thanks to http://blog.omy.sg/ahfon/files/2008/03/selamat-datang.GIF (mind the English!)

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