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Friday, June 20, 2008


The native tribes of Sarawak will become extinct if these plans to create massive hydro-electric dams are allowed to be built in Sarawak.

Even the Bakun project, that is being built after many years of delay as the cost of the undersea cable to Peninsula Malaya is very high,was perceived as a grand plot to get at the thousands of acres of prime forests.

Now this is even a grander scheme as it appears that by 2020 a major portion of Sarawak's prime forests will be under water. Of course the valuable timber would have been extracted.
According to the story in malaysiakini:
"Sarawak's 12 new dams alarm environmentalists"

"Sarawak legislation does not obligate developers to include public participation in the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process."

This means that the state can be raped of its forests and the native livelihood destroyed in the name of "progress". How ironic that Sarawak will be dammed for energy even as many villages and schools do not enjoy piped water and electricity.

Graphics: thanks to malaysiakini

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