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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Government Suffers from More than a Credibility Gap - There is Lack of Good Leadership

"BN leader: Gov't suffers from credibility gap"

This feature in malaysiakini certianly has has truth especially after the 12th General Elections. Malaysians have been kept from the truth for so long on many matters like the IPCMC, the rot in the Judiciary, the loss of so many young talents abroad and the wanton wastage in government projects.

It has reached a stage of "us and them" with "them" being the government and their connected cronies who have sucked up and siphoned off the wealth of the nation so that now even with so many years of PETRONAS' wealth, the nation is facing a bleak future if everyone does not pull up their socks and get down to serious thinking.

Just look at the chaos in the Post Offices as thousands scrambled to reclaim the rebate after the fuel hike. You can be sure that the person who dreamed up the refund using the post office has not been to one during the last 5 years.

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