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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A New Growth Industry for Malaysia?

According to a malaysiakini article entitled:

"Dr M's dare - set up three royal panels"

our ex-PM wants 3 royal panels to investigate alleged shenanigans of the current PM in response to the findings of the Lingam tape.

With a definite decline in foreign motorists wanting to drive in Malaysia, we need to counter this by getting tourists to fly in for some other interesting events.
We could make Malaysia the capital city for ongoing Royal Commissions of Inquiry. One of the indoor stadiums in KL would be suitable and there would definitely be a influx of Malaysians as well as foreigners.

So far we have had the following commissions:

Royal Malaysian Police - abuse of detainees
Lingam Tapes - the fixing of judges

TDM wants to do the following:

Oil for Food
Merger of ECM-Libra and Avenue Assets
wang ehsan (goodwill payment) in Terengganu

Some Sabahans want one on
Illegals Getting ICs and PRs

I am sure some people will also want the following:
May 13th Killings
Maminco Scandal
BMF Affair
Perwaja Failure
Proton Losses
Altantuuya Murder
Forex Speculation

RCIs are not cheap and take manpower and resources and so we could allow a promoter to handle the financial aspects. Probably do a schedule of 6 RCIs per year. The promoter will deposit a sum of say RM5m to RM10m to to the government for each RCI and the commission will be conducted as usual with the proper officials.
But those who attend will be charged RM10 per day or maybe RM300 for the whole RCI. Judgement will be as normal but there would also be a reality TV show on air where viewers get to cast votes on the cast.

This will create much interest in Malaysia and we will become the world-class center of legal opinion. Just think of the law students who will want to visit our show-piece.

"What Utter Rubbish!" Some of you are thinking. Let me check what funny medicine I took with my coffee this morning. Meanwhile have a nice day!


PeterP said...

I maybe wrong. However I do detect a sense of anger and frustration in your last few posts so it is good that you have retained that sense of humour that lurks beneath. Laughter truly is the best medicine...errr can I have some of whatever you took ? Just a little bit pleeese ?

H J Angus said...

thanks for yr concern.
gallows humour?

A friend is planning to start the Laughter club soon - where people go and learn how to laugh loudly and together.

Go see yr dentist for nitrous oxide - haha just joking la!