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Monday, June 23, 2008

Malaysia's very own DICK TURPINs

Dick Turpin was a famous highwayman of olde England who robbed travellers on the roads.
Finally the authorities managed to catch him and he was hanged.

In Malaysia we have a situation similar to the presence of many Dick Turpins.

They are also known as toll companies.

With a high concentration in the Klang Valley, they are also being encouraged to venture further south as the pickings are so easy.

Instead of reining in the robbery, the authorities appear to be encouraging the proliferation of this industry that will surely increase inflation and reduce the quality of life of many thousands of Malaysians.

One can explain that fuel prices need to be raised as oil has reached record prices in the world markets but why add on unjustifiable toll roads?

Here is a response of one malaysiakini reader:

"New h'way toll: Don't take Johoreans for granted"

Another reader provides an excellent suggestion on how to reduce the tolled road system:

"The case for Plus' privatisation"

Although I own a few PLUS shares I agree that the toll system is now damaging our economy as the automatic increase in tolls is bad for consumers. It is a one-sided "win-all" situation for the toll operators and the secret agreements make it even more unpalatable.

The government should buy back all the toll concesssions and then re-sell the company to all Malaysians who pay road tax with a transparent toll agreement that restricts net profit to perhaps 10% of tolls collected. Company managers will be paid at reasonable market rates with perhaps 5-year contracts subject to renewal based on performance.

Any other ideas for a cooperative-type company to operate a toll operation?

I would also eliminate all the toll companies for piece-meal sections but I would create a ringed toll perhaps a 30km ring around the major cities to reduce congestion in the cities with overhead gantries like Singapore but you should be able to pay tolls online if you do not have the IVU.

Of course public transport would also need to be revamped and upgraded. The mass transit system of KL is a national disgrace.

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hongkie123 said...

During Robin the Hooded time, they are called "Highway Men". Nowadays, we call them "Highway Operators".