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Friday, June 6, 2008

HELLO....is there ANYONE Minding the Malaysian Cabinet?

No I don't mean the furniture as in a bookcase.

I am referring to the group of Malaysian Ministers who can came out with dastardly schemes to make life miserable for its citizens.
Just read the various articles in malaysiakini and you will get a good idea of the quality of their thought process especially with respect to the fuel hikes.
Read this article entitled
"Business group: Petrol hike too drastic"

and you will understand why I wrote in an earlier article that the government does not seem beyond a one-week time frame - is it from one Cabinet meeting to the next one?
I don't care what our economists keep proclaiming that inflation is well-contained at about 4% - for the real people who struggle to survive, the inflation rate is more like 15% with the new price hikes. For many families it is the tipping point into the monthly struggle to keep out of perpetual debt and the loan sharks.
If one reads the various comments on fuel subsidies and the various actions they took; especially the banning of sales to foreign-registered vehicles, the only conclusion to be made is that plans are poorly thought through and badly coordinated.
We all know that oil prices have risen drastically in the past year and it seems the government too has been complacent and hesistant about raising the fuel price. With their control of MSM, they should have embarked on more programs to make Malaysians aware of the situation years ago and encouraged us to be more prudent with our consumption habits.
However, the government has been too lavish with its own spending and PETRONAS monies has been used for the grand scheme of PUTRAJAYA that probably has not been designed with energy-efficient buildings so how does one persuade ordinary folks to "change their life-style"?
Each time the PM changes, some millions of ringgit must be spent to suit the new taste of the new inhabitant?
I am sure you can list a few more ideas on how the government can cut costs.
My last critique will be on the subsidy refund scheme.
The Pejabat Pos has been given the task to handle this transaction. My guess is that none of those ministers have been to this place for umpteen years.
According to the PP CEO who was shown on TV3, the payment will be made by cash if you go in person or cheques will be mailed to you. Is this not a wasteful and inefficient way to make refunds?

Why not do it as an immediate off-set for car-owners when they renew the road tax? Those who are then entitled to the rebate must submit their bank particulars to JPJ who will arrange e-payment to the individual's bank accounts.
As motor-bikes can get a RM150 rebate, I think there will be a market for scrapped motor-bikes as the registration cards can be used to claim some monies. For example, pay RM20 road tax and claim RM150 rebate?

For thing for sure about the double whammy on fuel and electricity hikes - the government has effectively killed the BN brand - it is forever etched in the minds of the people as the BARANG NAIK government. Maybe it is a strategic move by some think-tank that by making the government really unpopular, those who are clamouring to get the PM to resign will know they stand no chance in a snap election?

Photo: thanks to malaysiakini

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