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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The SABAH Conundrum - Don't Expect UMNO Leaders to Solve an UMNO Problem

There is an interesting article in malaysiakini headed:

"Project IC: PM's cabinet committee not new, says PBS leader"

This is the response of some Sabahans after the PM's latest visit to solve(?) the problem of illegal immigrants in the state and also the dubious means by which many from the Philippines and Indonesia were fast-tracked to Malaysian citizenship.

The problem was created when immigrants were granted ICs that eventually granted them PR status; probably with the connivance of syndicates, politicians and local authorities so much so that the illegals now outnumber the original Malaysians.

Sabahans need to assert their rights more to protect the future for future generations - in fact Sabah can become a Trojan horse for Malaysia if that state becomes a hot-bed for political extremism.

You can read more about Sabah's problems in this Special Report from malaysiakini.

No wonder Sabah leaders are unhappy with the latest "no-action" proposal from the PM.
He proposes yet another Cabinet committee to look into the problem.

This guy does not mince his words:

"Isn't this committee is the same as the one announced in 2000, chaired by him when he was the then deputy PM?"And then announced again in 2006 and chaired by the present deputy PM?" he questioned.He also recalled that there wasn't any meeting held by the committee since its formation in 2000, except in 2006 when it decided to form ‘a special court' to deal with the illegal immigrants.

Maybe it is part of the government's energy-saving campaign. Now they are re-cycling committees!

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