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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Common Folks Can Tackle the High Oil Prices Better than the Government...

malaysiakini has many articles on the fuel price hikes and many are really unhappy about the way Malaysia's wealth has been managed or many will say mismanaged.

This article from malaysiakini headed:

'Let me pay market price for cars too'

has many interesting points.
Cars in Malaysia are very expensive because of import duties and other tariffs like the much coveted APs.
APs we all know is a scheme restricted to special cronies and is a major subsidy program only for the very rich.

Each AP is valued at about RM20k average and some are given a few hundred each year.
Maybe the government should wean these AP holders of their addiction? No, better still cold turkey may be more effective.

That is the method the government has chosen to get everyone off the fuel subsidy. If we have to take it, why not abolish APs and slash car import duties too. After all, Proton the car baby is still wallowing in pampers.

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