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Monday, June 16, 2008

Malaysia Really Does Not Need Lame Duck Leaders

George Bush is now on his world tour as part of his winding-down activities prior to his retirement from the Presidency in November as he is only allowed 2 terms.

He is considered a "lame duck" President and no major initiatives are expected from his leadership.

In Malaysia too, we are seeing lame duck leadership with our PM declaring that he will be handing over the leadership to his deputy; but not before December.

You can read the article in malaysiakini headed:
"Pak Lah says will not step down before December"
He also mentions that
"I will be contesting for the presidency," he told reporters, referring to the Umno leadership.

His deputy has remained coy and in a interview declared he would not challenge for the top post in the party.

It seems that these two men think that who becomes the Prime Minister of Malaysia is their sole prerogative and no one else is involved. There is a view that the party will be split if the pecking order is upset.
As long as you obey the leader and are a good boy all you do is wait your turn. What a way to pick our national leaders.

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