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Monday, June 23, 2008

Say NO to Nuclear Power for MALAYSIA

With our proven failure in many aspects of government especially corruption in high places, going nuclear in Malaysia could be the final step that will forever destroy our "paradise" on earth.

Malaysia has so much natural resources that all we seem to do is make plans to destroy the wealth of Nature. We have ample potential for solar and wind energy plus enormous gas reserves that there should be no need to consider the nuclear option for the next 50 years.

malaysiakini has this article headed:
"Gov't to mull nuclear energy amid rising oil prices"

Here is an article I wrote about nuclear power I wrote in 2006.

My opinion is that untill Malaysia has leaders who are honest and with integrity we should never consider nuclear power. We have a major struggle to put right all the things that are wrong in the current system and that could take about 10 years of dedication of all loyal Malaysians.

Even if the government is changed, we need to test any new leaders before we go nuclear. It will not be another case of paying someone bribes to settle a problem - with nuclear accidents there may not be anyone around to settle the contamination.

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Hosanna said...

Going nuclear is only at the last resort and we are nowhere near that. Our nation is blessed with natural resources and alternative fuels or energy to generate electricity can be anything like palm oil, biodiesel, wind, solar, etc.

Can anyone shed any light if there any truth that Tenaga or some law that forbids people from using solar electricity to power their houses instead of tapping to Tenaga lines?

MC Leong