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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Facing the TRUTH with PETRONAS' Accounts

This is a good way to convince Malaysians that we must learn to cope with the new era of high prices. Of course there will be some questionable expenditure like Putrajaya but the important thing is that we should now get more details about their planned capex and operating costs.

malaysiakini has this article headed:
"National oil company to open books to public"

After the drastic fuel hikes, everyone is now focussed on high energy costs and spiralling inflation and the demand for the accounts of PETRONAS to made public is loud and clear.
Maybe the government had planned to open the accounts in a move to become more transparent and the price we paid was to remove much of the subsidies for our motoring crave.

There is also a more urgent need to improve public transport system. One only has to travel from Singapore to JB by bus and then discover that after you clear Immigration, you cannot get transport to the main bus stops along Sg Segget but have to walk about 1km . Maybe the MP for JB should check this out and also how the taxi operators who wait just after the exit solicit passengers. Meters are something alien to these taxi drivers.

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alvin lee said...

the major problem about our public transportation system is the lack of integration among the various players. The reason why Singapore's public transportation system is so admired by many of us is simply because they have successfully integrated all their various modes of public transportation.

Just wonder how come our BN is unable to do it or is it that they purposely do not want it to be done because they have other interests to take care of?