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Monday, June 9, 2008

Dear PM, Your Timing Sucks.....

malaysiakini's article headed:

"PM makes RM2 bil cost cuts after fuel hike"
is yet another indication of the decision-making process of the current government.

I am sure we would have appreciated such measures more if it had been announced or debated during the last Parliament together with some warnings that the fuel subsidy system was going to be revised with assurances that the poor would be helped with some special grants.

Coming at this time after the shocking fuel hikes and the real public anger and despair, it appears to be simply an after-thought - somewhat like trying to fix a band-aid on a major bleeding wound.

I read elsewhere that we spend about RM400m each year on overseas scholarships and hardly any recipients come back to serve the government.
Isn't that a ridiculous waste of taxpayers' monies? It seems to warrant a Royal Commission to investigate this wanton waste of our human talents. The scholarship recipients and their results are not published so one can speculate that some of them will be the sons and daughters of "big shots" doing questionable degree courses. Does anyone know the types of courses of these 2000 students?

It is time we made better us of this money to grant scholarships 30% based purely on merit and the rest based on a means test of family income with scholarships granted to the best poor families - with the grants spread out among the most families; ie no family is given 2 scholarships unless there are no other qualified candidates.

Now if these 2000 foreign graduates are absorbed into the civil service and provided a proper career path, don't you think we should have an improved government administration?

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