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Friday, June 13, 2008

Surely Not the Way to Lead a Party to Greatness?

This is an article in malaysiakini on UMNO's leadership change problems:

"Najib explains why he won't challenge PM"
If you have been following the US Democratic candidates for the nomination, it is interesting to note that Hilary Clinton pledeged her support and asked her supporters to help Barack Obama get elected to the White House.
Of course many were disappointed that she lost the race but that is part and parcel of being in politics.
A political party also changes with the times and cannot remain stagnant or it becomes irrelevant.
Somehow his explanation come across as being quite feeble and lacking conviction, except that he wants to lead the party his father helped to found.
That is more than 50 years ago and it seems some people want to go back to those days when followers were easily led by their noses.
OK I know these days people can be influenced by filling their wallets but any political party that wants to endure must be based on sound principles and worthwhile ideals. If these do not stir the emotions of the majority of the population, it is probable that UMNO will spend a few years in the political wilderness.
Maybe you can try this. Go to the company that employed your father or mother and tell them you want to join the company so that it will progress further.

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