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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Else do You Expect of a FLIP-FLOP Government?

APs are in the news again, this time to show the flip-flop mechanisms at work in the government.

malaysiakini has this article headed:
"Muhyiddin: APs to be retained, for now"

It is kind of deja vu as the APs was the spark that started this blog about 3 years ago.

Some AP recipients have been enjoying these perks for more than 20 years now and just like PROTON they are still not weaned off the subsidy mentality.
Instead MITI is pandering to their whimpering and wants to appoint "a consultant" who will probably write what you want written to suit your purpose.

The public have been told to "change their lifestyle" with the fuel price hikes. It is time the government stands firm to its commitment to abolish APs by 2010.

Those who have been enjoying APs for more than 20 years would be millionaires by now or do we still need to suckle their children?

Just ponder the numbers:
Suppose we give out 30,000APs each year and each AP is valued at RM30,000.
That is RM900m in a form of subsidies given each year to a bunch of say 500 recipients.
On average, each recipient enjoys RM1.8m.

Not bad compared to the RM600 plus being doled out to the long-suffering motorists. What do you think?


Wong said...

Your writings/comments together with another blogger, Proarte are the two commentors I most look up to when selecting comments to read. But don't see any postings by proarte of late.

Keep up the good work.


H J Angus said...

thanks for visiting and the encouragement.

I think Proarte had a letter recently published in M'kini

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

When there're vested interests at stake
Then there'll be benefits hard to forsake
For those who want more than their share of cake
They'll know how to ensure that their interests stick

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Wed. 11th June 2008.