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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Instead of Promoting Religious Harmony, Some Encourage Persecution

What is Malaysia turning into?

According to this NST report, these dancers were not allowed to perfom a prayer on stage as

"to respect the sensitivities of the audience, who also comprised Chinese and Malays."

This is utter rubbish from the Perak Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Department. Those who attend such performances will definitely be interested to know the reason why such a prayer is needed and who is the deity and that would enrich their experience.

Unless of course the prayers are rather long and boring and previous audience response had been negative. But most Malaysians are usually tolerant as we are exposed to prayer rituals at all official functions.

At first I was wondering why the NST was so bold to report such an incident. Now I realise while writing that Perak is under PR. So there you have it - politicians and BN-controlled MSM exploit anything and everything.

Photo: thanks to NST

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