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Friday, June 13, 2008

Excuse Me but What about the Views of 10Million Other Malaysians?

The post of Prime Minister is the most important function in the government although some of us have serious doubts about this role, given the numerous complaints about various policies and the perceived weakness in so many areas of the government.

Perhaps there is a major flaw in the method by which the PM is selected and it seems the decision is made by the outgoing PM who annoints his successor. For example AAB was chosen by TDM but the latter now claims that was his second choice.

I am not going to launch an attack on the "preferred" choice of AAB who is under pressure to resign the leadership and let Najib take over.

To me leaving this major decision to one person allbeit the PM to annoint a successor is seriously flawed and should be discouraged.
malaysiakini has the story here:
"PM, Najib have agreed on succession plan"

Just read the ongoing battle between the present and the former PMs and that itself is reason enough for all Malaysian MPs not to agree to such an outmoded method of succession. Those who vie to be PM should actively canvass among all the political parties so that the next PM can really claim to have the support of all Malaysians.

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Takashi said...

Does the views of 10 million Malaysians matter to Abdullah?

I seriously doubt so.