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Saturday, June 28, 2008

If Selangor Government Gets 3 out of 10, What Score Do You Give Putrajaya?

To commerate 100 days of the new opposition state governments, the former MB of Selangor gives the new Selangor state leaders a 3 out of 10 as described in this malaysiakini article -

"Khir gives 3 out of 10 for S'gor gov't"

Coming from someone with vested interests it should be considered a good rating and the proper score should be more like 6 out of 10.

But what about the federal government?
This letter will give a fair indicator of what some people think:

"How long are we to wait for BN gov't?"

Just to quote a short paragraph:

"One of the reasons for BN’s fall from grace at the elections was for not recognising and being out of sync with the needs of the people. Our memos, our voices, our cries, our fears were simply ignored and never heard by the leaders whom the people put into power".

So what do you think should be PUTRAJAYA'S score at the review of the 9MP?
Please add a comment or take the poll on the left if you have not done so.


bornfree said...

If Selangor Government gets 3 out of 10 then I suppose the former Selangor Government gets 0 out of 10 or else he won't be booted out of the Selangor Government. Don't act like sour grape. Its 100 days only compared to BN's 50 yrs. It's best to leave it to the rakyat to comment and the rakyat will know what to do if PKR doesn't perform.

Ronaldkp said...

Its the rakyat's rule from now on.All the changes we see coming from BN are the direct result of the rakyat speaking up,but we need representatives to speak up for the rakyat and Pakatan Rakyat has done well for the rakyat so far.Carry on with the change thst the people of Malaysia want so much.

iammi said...

Why dont someone runs an online survey to rate the previous Khir Toyo government and use his '3 out of 10' rating as a benchmark? Allow negative value.

snowbite8281 said...

Selangor Government is caring to Selangor Rakyat. I love his strategies of 'Education Insurance from time of birth' 'Golden Age Insurance' 'Inflation counteraction insurance' - all these are being implemented to insure the Selangorians are better equipped to fight the vagarities of economic crunch and inflation-spiral! He is just like papa planning a better cushioned future for his loved children. Cherish his leadership, Selangorians! KT- I'd say bah! to you. I'd class you negative 13.... a number of horror.

Bunga Raya said...

To rate your successors a 3 our of 10 after shredding your own files that would provide insights in the former MB's governance practice is - how to say? - in-credible.

This sort of public statements of displaced BN officials clearly re-affirms how badly these guys needed to be put aside.