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Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Excellent Move by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry

When you are poor life is really desperate and sometimes you do not even know if or when you are going to have the next meal.

That is the plight of Malaysia's poor who have somehow not been able to benefit from the nine Malaysia Plans the country has completed.

This article in the Star refers:
"Qualifying ceiling for disabled folk raised to RM1,200"

It is good that the government has raised the ceiling as the disabled have special needs.
The reduction of red tape for the poor is also good as they should not be shuttled from one office to another to receive aid.

I suggest one way to possibly break the cycle of poverty is to grant one local scholarship to each poor family so that they can start to fend for themselves. Poor families should also be encouraged to limit the number of children to 2 or 3 so that the parents will be able to take better care of their children.

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