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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Forget the Freaking Fuel Hike, Think of Getting Four Wives!

You can read the story in malaysiakini:
"Grandfather with 25 kids takes wife No 4"

Some of us envy him and many pity him. Some men struggle to keep one woman happy but here is a guy who appears to have the secret to keep three wives so happy that they are willing to testify in court they do not object to number 4.

I guess he has made it his life's work to help Malaysia attain the 70 million population target but you can wonder how our government is going to cope with that. With just 22 million plus, we seem to be reaching a stage of administration paralysis.

But maybe stories like this show that the human condition is unique - we need to take better control of our own lives and depend much less on the government. That way we can vote in a government that just provides some basics like security and racial harmony; perhaps we will be able to cut the costs of government by 30% total budget and not just entertainment.

But back to the Syariah court article. This guy has been subjected to scrutiny by the court. They should have given him a little more privacy and there is really no need to publish his monthly income. His family could now be exposed to criminal elements.

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Daging said...

In my opinion, getting another wive is better and cheaper than keeping a GRO or mistress. Imagine paying RM$300 per night, and that is excluding the RM$200 night at the hotel.

If you meet your GRO say even 4 days in a month, that will cost you RM300 + RM200 multiply by 4 = RM2,000 !

In addition, after a while, the GRO would become manja and start asking for money for dinner, new handphone, car repair lah, adik sakit, mak sakit macam-macam.

Meeting in hotel also run the risk of getting yourself famous on Internet once people knows what you do in the hotel. So, if you are that desperate, wear masks and never admit to anything people accused you.

To conclude, so definitely, it is better to get another wife. Of course, if our wife is queen-control, we can always talk about other people who managed to do it.

PS - I hope my wife does not read this....