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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Corruption101 for DUMMIES

(click2 on image to see details)
Further to the PAC's call in malaysiakini's recent article to arrest ALL those involved in corrupt practices, here is a simple illustration on the many faces of corruption.

The latest revelation of the million-ringgit cop about divisive differences in various departments proves that there are many serious problems simmering.

There are many faces of corruption and the Decision-Maker could be from the highest echelons of society like a judge, a minister or a police chief.

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Zawi said...

Most apt cartoon to describe the corruption situation in Malaysia.
First, it occurs at every level.
Second, only the small fies will be prosecuted while the big ones get to enjoy the taking with impunity.
Nothing will change even if a change in government does happen. The rot is so deep set to be stopped.