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Monday, October 1, 2007

malaysiakini's Powerful Influence

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and so I decided to amuse myself.

We all know that malaysiakini has been a thorn for many leaders as it strives to help reform society and many consider it to be the most independent source of news, daring to print what many editors fear to put in the papers as they are controlled by different laws and also under the control of the main political parties.

I guess the title of my Sunday article, "Disappointed with this Story from malaysiakini" must have been sufficient to tease readers to discover how malaysiakini may have tripped up.

The results look good for any advertiser or marketing campaign as the graph shows. I guess they would have been too types of respondents:

The loyal supporters of malaysiakini who wanted to support the company and
those who are waiting for the company to fail.

Keep up the good work, malaysiakini!

Graphics: from MalaysiaWatch3

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