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Friday, October 26, 2007

Story Censored?

"Two cops killed in ambush KUALA LUMPUR:
Two policemen were killed and two others injured after being ambushed by several men armed with guns during a drug bust at a house in Taman Suria, Sungai Buloh, last night.

By Lee Shi-Ianshiian" Taken from the NST website.

It is sad when policemen get killed in the course of their duties. But why was this story removed from the NST's web-site?

We all know some cops were charged for trying to frame the IGP and we do have crooked cops in the force that the IPCMC was supposed to provide a framework for checks and balance.

This reported incident indicates that it is possible there was a tip-off but this time by a police insider to the drug syndicate.
Is it any wonder that the public is scared to offer information to the police when such things do happen?

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