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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Even Before the Dust Settles.....

Two events in October were the highlights of the media and these were:

The heart transplant from a Malay donor to a Chinese girl that shows life and death is a struggle for everyone.

Malaysia's first man to travel to space that shows we still have enough resources to afford such activities.

But even before any scientific and costs evaluation has been performed on the first mission we are talking about the second mission according to this malaysiakini's report .

I find this quite irresponsible planning - perhaps there is a gold mine somewhere in the space program that has just been discovered. Another dubious tradeoff for an arms for palm oil deal?

The two prominent stories do have a connection. Heart transplants and donor programs require lots of funds to promote and to help both donor and recipient families.
That RM90m spent on the first flight could have funded vital research in Malaysia on medicine, don't you think?

Or do we really have to tolerate such wastage untill our oil runs out?

Photo: Thanks to http://www.thebestlinks.com/images/thumb/9/9a/250px-Vostok_rocket_launch.jpg

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selina said...

Only the Malaysian papers called him an astronaut. He is just a paying space tourist.What a waste of money.