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Monday, October 29, 2007

Nazri's "Top of Mountain" Speech....

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Couldn't resist this after reading the malaysiakini article on the speech at the Malaysian Law Conference.

Quoting from the article,
"They (Bar Council) are talking from a legal point of view (but) we (the government) run a country. We're looking from the summit of the mountain and they are looking (from) their eye level."

Hmmmm.... Looks as if it is implied the government may be talking from an "illegal" point of view but then again I am no lawyer!

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Bernard said...

Yes, these arrogant and obtuse ministers like to have the view from the summit. It is apt that you illustrated the OSA as top-soil to cover their ill-gotten loot. But when the top-soil gets washed away, then begins the erosion of their mountain.