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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Malaysia - Truly Confusing!

A quick glance at malaysiakini's stories for 14th October 2007 shows that Malaysia could truly be a confusing nation for foreigners.

We have the triumph of the first Malaysian to travel to space.And the story of how we will spend more millions on the second traveller.

Then there is the story of how an overloaded ferry caught fire after operating with an expired licence; killing at least 4 passengers in the process.

The next item is the lapse of security at KLIA that allowed a stowaway to get aboard a plane that flew to Singapore. Looks like the security system here is doubtful.

I am not sure which of these 2 stories is more newsworthy:

The Information Minister telling editors that the PM "does not want to hear the truth" or the "Law" Minister proclaiming that the 1000 odd lawyers are crazy. A case for a class action suit?

All these stories could be used for a dramatic stage production but would the play be a comedy, tragedy or farce?

I guess it would depend on whether you are in the mood to laugh, cry or rage.

Graphics: Thanks to http://img.tfd.com/dict/106/587098-farce.jpg

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