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Friday, October 5, 2007

Update on the Independent Panel

It must be shocking for many Malaysians that those who revealed the tape on the "Fixing of Judicial Appointments" are now being threatened by the ACA to disclose their source or face action under Section 58 of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997.

Perhaps malayskini's interesting article would provide a more appropriate check on whether the contents of the tape are verifiable or not and if there is a probability that indeed the person in the tape was not making up a tall tale?

In fact those who are familiar with "the actor" would be able to recognise the voice and I am sure the ACA officers would be able to make a good conclusion. To verify the voice, all that is needed is a scientific voice analysis and then they can probe the other persons mentioned in the tape with the use of Section 58 on the "actor" and not those who are simply trying to report a crime to the authorities.

If you check on the results of MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 30 that poses the question,
"What is Your Reaction to the Video on the Judges Scandal?"
out of 300+ respondents only 1 person chose,
"The Independent Panel will Find the Answers"

This is not a legal argument but I am sure if the authorities want to solve this crisis, they certainly have enough powers. The question is,
"Do they have the moral courage?"

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