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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why Go to Hong Kong if Evidence is Inadmissible?

It was reported that the ACA has sent the famous or rather infamous video to Hong Kong to analyse the tape for whatever clues as the 3-man independent panel was both powerless and clueless.

Two officers were sent presumably on a cheap ticket as many airlines have "two to go" packages.

Now this story comes up in malaysiakini that the tape is "inadmissible evidence because the footage was edited.

As such, ACA director-general Ahmad Said Hamdan told Utusan Malaysia that the agency cannot continue its investigations into the matter."

I am sure millions of Malaysians know that the tape was edited weeks ago so this latest news shows how inept the ACA is in resolving issues.

Why spend time and money on a tape that you consider inadmissible? Must be the summer clearance shopping season in HongKong, I guess.


yok hoong said...

sorry, its no longer anti-corruption agency. its another corrupted agency. the agency is as good as corrupted if it does not act independently but at the bidding of the powers-that-be to cover such a blatant corrupt act. and the CJ has the temerity to ask for an extension but not the guts to issue a direct denial.

Zawi said...

All they want to prove is that whether the tape is original. Who would be foolish to submit the original when you cant even trust them? We all know its just a copy of the original.
Give them a reason to 'makan angin' and they will grab it. Anyway what is it that they want to prove? They were looking for an excuse not to investigate the judge fixing. Some judges that we have.

H J Angus said...

yok hoong and zawi
thanks for your comments.

It is worrisome that 2 important bodies of our system are perceived to be not working for the benefit of all Malaysians but for those with vested interests.