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Friday, October 19, 2007

Now We Have a "Mat Rempit" Minister

First we had a minister proclaiming that "lawyers are crazy", then another minister came up with "PM does not want to hear the truth" from the media.
To carry on with this Malaysian tradition, we now have the Sports Minister proposing to solve the "mat rempit" problem by building race tracks in every district. That gets the cake when compared to the multi-million sports complex that is planned in London.

Now if we spent some of that money to provide some good playing fields for the public, I suggest some of the "mat rempit" problems will be reduced. Just take JB for a start. They took away a beautiful tennis court complex by the Lido beach and did not replace it. This year the only football field in town at Jalan Kebun Teh was taken over for development; again without any replacement.

I consider "Mat Rempits" to be an indicator of an anti-establishment cult and there is no justification to give them race tracks. We are trying to solve the problem at the wrong end as many of them are school drop-outs.

There is this letter in malaysiakini on what can happen when you meet a bunch of them.

Perhaps a program for "mat rempits" is possible. The Welfare Ministry would be more effective to start a rehab program for them if they survive those crazy stunts and are recovering in a hospital?

Photo: Thanks to http://www.shagadelica.net/wp-content/pictures/rempit.jpg

1 comment:

Trashed said...

Having a race track is fine but how do you get these fellows to go to the race track when their raison d'etre is to race on the streets ?

Perhaps the race tracks should have moving cars, buildings, traffic lights and other street amenities on the track to motivate the Mat Rempits to move from street to track !