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Monday, October 29, 2007

YES! Decision-makers Should be Arrested First...

I like this statement from the PAC chairman that details how corrupt deals are done; according to malaysiakini's article.

According to the article:

"The committee met with the ministry to discuss the progress made by the ministry on the AG’s criticism that the RM226 million government subsidy on rice fertilisers intended to attain a 90 percent self-sufficiency level by 2010 is falling off track.

“Currently the country is producing only four tonnes of rice per acre, a growth rate of only five to six percent yearly and this will not suffice to meet the target,” he said."

It is annoying to see such dismal results when the ministry could have learned proper techniques from this group of rice farmers that produced the highest yields from their small-holdings.

I am not sure what became of the land they were using.

In fact the PAC would be more effective if they focus more on the decision-making process as that is the origin of ALL corrupt practices.

At the goods receiving end, the amount becomes little and related more to inferior good being accepted.
If I were to make a guess, if the person at the last transaction receives RM1000 most likely the decision-maker will get perhaps 20 times that.

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