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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Idea for Cooperation with Singapore....

This interesting article in malaysiakini talks of a possible re-merger with Singapore and should be given serious consideration.

Apart from the relocation of factories, the Malaysian authorities can also invite the Singapore education ministry to operate some schools in the JB area.

Just take a trip early in the morning and I guess there should be enough pupils for 4 or 5 primary schools and at least 2 secondary schools.

The benefits of these are many. It will ease the Causeway Chaos and give our young children a more restful sleep. I am sure thousands of these children now wake up around 4:30am.

If the peoples of Malaysia and Singapore can cooperate properly I am sure the combined entity will be the powerhouse of Asean for another 20 years.
Of course we need to discard political leaders with narrow interests.

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Philbert said...

before you invite someone to be a part of your house should you clean up your house first? this analogy sits well for the reasons why a possible re-merger is a little far-fetched. seems like a lot of work needs to be done to spruce up the minds of the political leaders in malaysia, to keep them up to speed about globalisation, and as long as bumiputra exists.. i think i will never happen!