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Monday, October 15, 2007

Before We Promote Another Visit Malaysia Year

We all agree that tourism can be a major money spinner for Malaysia given our diverse cultures, beautiful beaches and usually wonderful weather.

However during VMY2007, the following shows that we need to do more to ensure that tourists can be given proper protection and more measures are really necessary to safeguard the welfare of our visitors.

We now have a scenario where it seems it is not safe to travel by air, road or sea.
Road accidents have been a major concern in recent years and the recent case of the serious bus accident that revealed a rogue driver and also dubious road test centers show the extent of the rot that has set in.

Then we have the case of the guy who managed to evade security at KLIA and ended up in Singapore. This means that it is possible to get unto a plane to any of the hundreds of destinations that originate from Kuala Lumpur. Imagine what would have happened if such a stowaway had been detected just before a plane landed in Washington or New York?

The third case is reported in malaysiakini of how the passengers on the ill-fated ferry had to jump into the sea, even without life-jackets, or face a fiery death. I have taken the ferry to Tioman and it is usually the practice to overload such vessels - so this comes as no surprise.

The DPM has ordered a probe but I suggest a public inquiry would be more appopriate for both the KLIA breach and the ferry fire and the inquiry can look into both events togther.

It is important that people regain confidence in public transport or our plans for an expansion in tourism will surely be derailed.

Photo: Thanks to the Star

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Trashed said...

I have also taken the ferry many times to Tioman and a probe is not required as all one needs to do is recall from travellers who would most certainly say that those ferries are always overloaded.

There are also not enough life jackets.

It was an accident waiting to happen.