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Friday, November 2, 2007

When Corruption is Allowed to Grow....

The CCID's case of alleged non-disclosure of assets as reported in malaysiakini shows what can happen when the influential and powerful do not report to a public body where everyone knows how top leaders earn their wealth.

We have a system where ministers report to the PM who keeps all details private so that the public really do not know how monies are earned.

The reason given is that ministers etc should be allowed some privacy and that the PM will ensure that everyone behaves.

This is not really good enough for a nation that wants to achieve Vision 2020 or a developed status.

For instance if the PM does not really bother about such reporting, ministers will omit many details and even worse, if the PM makes the wrong use of such information to control people, we need up with a situation where blackmail is used to influence others.

The PM reports his own details of assets to no one so it does not take a rocket scientist to appreciate the overall weakness.

It is quite simple to remedy the basic weakness. The PM should submit all details of his Cabinet and his own assets to a Parliamentary Committee that overseers assets of ministers.
Only then will Malaysians believe that the case of this CCID Director is being properly managed.

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