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Thursday, October 4, 2007

No Power = No Authority = No Results!

The story of the damning video clip implicating the authorities and judges in the fixing of appointments is not far from most newspapers today but this headline from malaysiakini says it all.

"Haidar: We have no power" Of course there is an open invitation to all and sundry to appear before the panel but you have to give all your particulars beforehand and no one know how many interested parties will want to check you out before your schedule to speak up.

In an era where the IPCMC is still being delayed after more than 2 years, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the open invitation to come forward is not going to be taken up by many.

If one observes the manner in which people linked to the tape have been asked to tea at police HQ instead of sending the tape for voice identification analysis, the independent panel is perceived by many (just look at the results in the poll-left column) to be just that.

If fact the panel is so independent they may as well conduct their hearings in space and keep our first Malaysian astronaut company!

Now that will make news headlines.
"Malaysian panel conducts inquiry from outer space."


CCK said...

Not just no power, no authority. Also no sense.

Bernard said...

This is a farce! By appointing the independent panel they hope to buy time until CJ's term expires rendering the call for his resignation academic and pointless. Just like in Nathaniel Tan's case when his lawyers raised the point about his wrongful detention not according to standard procedures of arrest. The judge stated that since Nat is free it renders the issue as academic and not to be pursued.
Balderdash and hogwash!