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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time to Check on Recruiting Agents and their Cohorts

This malaysiakini story is really tragic and shows how people will manipulate policies to maximise profits and leave the authorities the headache of deporting the unwanted workers.

The title says it all."Flawed policy results in flood of migrant workers".
Just imagine that.
According to the article,Tenaganita's "Fernandez said the source of the current crisis is a move by the government to allow some 200 agents to import 300,000 Bangladeshi workers this year."

Obviously some agents have been creating phantom jobs and just getting workers in so that they can earn some of the high fees that the workers fork out to get their papers.

A figure of US$3637 was mentioned as fees paid for a supervisor's post and this is about RM12,700.
If we take an average of RM10,000 per worker for easier calculations, 300,000 workers equates to RM3,000,000,000. It is a three billion ringgit business.

It is good that the authorities have recently imposed a freeze on workers from Bengladesh and a more comprehensive plan needs to be properly established.

For a start, companies should be allowed to apply directly for workers and there could be an insurance scheme to compensate workers who are denied jobs after they arrive in Malaysia.

This means that the jobs must be real and not a fiction to allow the agent to simply earn the fees. Perhaps 50% of the agents' fees should be held in trust by the government for at least 3 months or untill the worker is properly employed.

We should not allow such people to tarnish the country's name and image.

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