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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


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The ACA like the Judiciary and the Police are vital institutions of a free and democratic nation but sometimes there is the perception that the authorities do not really know how to go about pursuing high-profile cases as the effects may be uncontrollable and instead damage control is used.

Even in that great bastion of freedom, we have witnessed in our lifetime how Richard Nixon tried to claim Executive privilege and not allow the Justice department access to his illegal tapes.

Finally the equivalent of the Parliament of Malaysia had to tell him the Congressmen were not going to support him and would also call for his impeachment. There is a movie being shown on Astro titled "Nixon" that is quite interesting.

Today's headlines in the Star in interesting for the following reason:

*It is the first time that action has been taken publicly on gross abuse of public funds and it is hoped this will be the SOP.

To help the ACA stay focussed on the AG's report and other issues, a chart as shown should be displayed on the ACA'a website so that the public will be informed of the progress.

It will also signal to the world and particularly investors that the authorities are really serious about reducing corruption.
The details in the chart shows how a purchase can be abused without going over-budget and is for illustration only.

1 comment:

Yan said...

Donot rejoice too early. This is just a pre-election gimmick.

Why no ACA action against the Klang counciller who builded the infamous palace? How about the close-one-eye MP? How about other big FISH/SHARKS?

Why only take action against the lower ranking civil servants? Double standrad? For me, this is just another sandiwara from BN.