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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Refugee Workers or Duped Migrant Workers?

This is an article in malaysiakini that suggests Malaysia has not signed the United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees 1951 and the Convention relating to the Stateless Persons 1961 because they want to protect the jobs of Malaysians.

The other weak reason offered was that we could not secure our borders from illegal immigrants as many neighbouring nations like "like the Philippines, Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand" were unsettled.

How convenient to leave out Indonesia that probably landed us with the largest number of illegals in the 70s and many of whom were able to obtain Malaysian ICs. It appears the Deputy Minister wants to avoid offending the Indonesians after the recent incidents involving diplomatic staff and the coach who was beaten up.

Now if we look at the refugee problem together with the 2million migrant workers, many of whom are quite unhappy, we could solve two problems at one go.

1.First of all, don't allow any agents to bring in foreign workers from anywhere.

2.Secondly grant refugee status to all illegals and allow them to work in estates, construction and factories prior to resettlement.

3.Next we must make better use of the Armed Forces, the police and Rela to secure our borders. Why spend a billion ringgit on Scorpene submarines when we cannot even secure an obvious target like the KLIA?

Our manpower policy should be based on these three basic concepts and I expect there will be a reduction in the crime rate.
We will also stand proud in the United Nations as a nation that provides proper treatment to suffering humanity.

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