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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Sky's the Limit but Let's Not Forget More Basic Things

All Malaysians should feel a sense of pride that we can afford to send a Malaysian to space and I hope he makes a safe return to earth.

With money one can afford to do many things and the recent movie "City Hall" shown on Astro showed that even judges can be bought.

So let's come back to earth and see what Malaysians are thinking about the video tape that is still the center of many articles and letters.This article in malaysiakini gives a good critique of the developments to date.

Based on the poll that was conducted on my blog that posed the question,
"What is Your Reaction to the Video on the Judges Scandal?"
a total of 358 readers took the trouble to state their opinion.

Here are the results:

220 readers or 61% chose "We Need a Royal Commission"

73 readers or 20% chose "The Chief Justice Should Be Brought Before a Tribunal"

47 readers or 13% picked "The Authorities Will Just Ignore the Findings"

16 readers or 4% picked "The tape is a fake"

2 readers or 1% picked "The Independent Panel will Find the Answers"

Do the poll results surprise you? Why waste time and energy on a panel that lacks authority and credibility?

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