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Monday, October 29, 2007

Getting More Bang for our Bucks....

(click2 on picture to see details)
The ACA has been in the news lately especially in relation to the video tape on the "judge fixing" story.
You can read a whole menu of stories at malaysiakini and also the mainstream press where the latest news is that another RM150m has been speedily approved for the police after the fatal shooting of 2 cops.

Everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten about the IPCMC that looked at all the problems faced by the PDRM and this latest fatal shoot-out may have been prevented if we had the IPCMC where issues of funding and strategic planning would have been addressed at the planning level and not as the present fire-fighting mode.

(Note on sketch: Done with Paint and mouse only - took about 2 hours without pencil and scanning)

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