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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Police Cannot Protect their Own....

The CID chief has vowed to hunt the killers of the 2 cops who were killed in the shoot-out according to this article in malaysiakini.

Ordinary folks are also angry and scared that these men could be killed while carrying out their duties. No one knows all the details of the ill-fated raid but now the police are being provided more bullet-proof vests. Of course getting killed on duty is a possibility that any policeman knows is part of the risk.

Many also question the wisdom of spending billions of ringgit on submarines and space tours when our backyard is full of dangerous criminals. And the last A-G Report mentioned helicopters bought for the police that were unsuitable and also wasted funds on the training.

Now the PM has promised police protection for whistle-blowers with special reference to the famous L tape on the fixing of the judiciary.

After the protracted feet-dragging of the authorities like the appointment of a "No Authority" Panel and strange remarks by a minister and the ease with which 2 cops were massacred, it is small wonder that no one has stepped forward with the tape.

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