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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Malaysian Joke..When is a Panel Not a Panel?

I don't know a witty answer but the one appointed by the authorities to probe the authenticity of the infamous video seems to be more a feet-dragging PR exercise and a rather ineffective one at that.

According to an article from malaysiakini, the panel has met only once and that to profoundly declare that it had "no authority" to call witnesses etc. It will meet again just before the 30-day period of its "acting" expires.

I would guess that more Malaysians have found the tape more interesting than the space travel of the first Malaysian.

The latest analysis of the poll on my blog has changed little - 500 odd readers took the poll compared to the previous 300 readers but the results are still in the same order; with the least - only 1% expect the panel will be able to find the answers.

Please take the poll and also ask your friends to do likewise. I wonder if the results will change if the number reaches 1000 readers.

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