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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Remember the PPP.....

Some months back, the PPP ruffled some feathers in the Gerakan by suggesting that the two parties should merge.

In the context of a company merger it was similar to a small SME asking Sime Darby to merge.

As an Ipohite of the 60s, I remember the PPP in its glory days. Then the Alliance Government lost the Ipoh seats to the Seenivasagam brothers who even caused the downfall of the Perak Menteri besar over a legal issue. of course the PPP was in the Opposition then. But local elections were stopped and taxpayers are now denied this important component of a democracy.

It appears that the PPP has now come to the end of the road with the BN with a very public chiding of the party; according to this malaysiakini report . Do they want to eat a lot of humble pie if the party intends to stay with the coalition of the unwilling or unable component parties?

In politics one must be very aware of one's strength and weakness and after this treatment by a senior UMNO official who was the epitome of rudeness and arrogance, PPP members should consider that they need to change course if they want to remain relevant in Malaysian politics.

There is more honour in losing than forever hanging about the table waiting for leftover scraps. But of course you may also win a few seats if you work closely with the opposition.

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