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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why Are We WASTING So Much Energy on this LAW?

Thanks to malaysiakini and the MSM we are getting a revision on the laws of sodomy:

You can read a brief description here:

The word sodomy come from the biblical word "Sodom" one of the sin cities that was destroyed by God and so it is a practice that is as old as mankind.

This law was probably enacted in the 60s and perhaps it is time to revise the law.
If you read the Penal Code Section 377CA carefully, it appears that even if you use sex toys like vibrators and dildos on your wife or husband you can be liable to 20 years jail and whipping.

Singapore too had such a "victorian" law on oral sex but the law was repealed a few years ago - maybe that explains the slight population boom as couples experimented more.

The law as it stands also implies that the recipient of such "an object" may not enjoy the insertion but I suggest some do like to receive.

Even LKY suggested that homosexuals may have a inherent trait and Singapore now appears to tolerate gays as long as they do not disturb the peace. So there is no official sanction but they are merely allowed to co-exist.

Maybe Malaysia too should become more tolerant of gays. I wonder how much taxpayers' monies is spent by the police to harass them.

Maybe the law should be changed and words like "forcibly" should be included. Sex between consenting adults should not be the subject of any legislation.
BTW with so many cops barricading KL roads, did anyone spot any of the missing children?
Now let's get the MPs to debate this law in a civilised manner for us.

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