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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Before We Build that FIRST NUCLEAR Plant....

Ok I may not be around to see that major milestone if 10 years is the time-frame or if I'm around I may not be able to comment on it.

According to this article in malaysiakini :
"TNB looking at building first nuclear plant"

the Cabinet has directed TNB to look into the first nuclear plant.
According to the article,
"Mohamad said the taskforce was discussing the plant's location and how to source uranium, adding Tenaga anticipated the public could object to the plant.
"A lot has to be done to change the public mindset when it comes to nuclear," he said."

Maybe if the public mindset is changed correctly, most Malaysians may decide it is better to change the government first before we take the major risk of going nuclear.

Let's site this plant in Putrajaya for safety reasons.


Zawi said...

h j angus,
With 40 % reserve and we are building a nuclear plant costing RM8 billion ringgit? Just another way to rob the country of its money.
Lets change the government first.

PeterP said...

Right on Zawi, right on. Do these clowns know anything? With all that excess capacity and now nuclear. It is all build BIG & MORE (whether we need it or not). Now in Sarawak it is the same. With Bakun half-way there, they want to build more dams. Cut all the trees down and then tell us to plant a tree to save the world. Let's all SAVE MALAYSIA first!!