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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SURELY We Should Not Inconvenience Thousands on Such Flimsy Intelligence?

'Opposition did plan demo today'

Apparently the authorities decided that a demonstration was to be held around the Parliament based on the following:
" This was based on "two political speeches, two blogs and two SMS (text-messages)", he said in parliament." as taken from the article in malaysiakini.

It is astonishing that KL residents have been put to such inconvenience and causing parts of the city to become gridlocked. What a way to remind the motorists that fuel is now so expensive than to subject them to hour-long traffic jams.

I think most of the residents in KL would prefer that better police work would have involved interviewing the speakers and the blog writers to determine if the demo was real or just causing the police to jump at shadows. As for the SMSes, they could also trace the origin and check out the authors.

It is unfair to involve the police in such political sparring and I daresay that the public is becoming tired of antics by both sides. One day the motorists might decide to show their displeasure by creating their own traffic jam.

Perhaps the only way out of the political quicksand is to have a snap elections? Hmmmm.....but I doubt if the government want to do that with the economic woes.

photo: thanks to malaysiakini

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Birds Talking Too said...

That is how losers react.
Entire citizens made to suffer so that we can blame Anwar and PKR.
Damn shit!
(Beam me up, Scotty! Now Scotty!)

Birds Talking Too