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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

malaysiakini and the CHALLENGES Ahead

Well done to malaysiakini for being the most frequented web-site in Malaysia!
The failure of MSM to provide fair and unbiased reporting is a major contributor to your success.

Now that you have been accredited by the Information Ministry, it is important you do not deviate from the independent viewpoint that all Malaysians support. Once you start sounding like the MSM, that will be the beginning of the end.

To all the staff of malaysiakini , SYABAS for a job well done. I notice that the quality of proof-reading and English has also improved; the latest being the extra "f" in the earlier lead on
Sodomy: Anwar turns to Syariah court
(as in "cleared off" should have been "cleared of")

But what am I quibbling for? You are the best in Malaysia. KEEP IT UP!

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